Who We Are

    We are a tribe of empowered women empowering each other for business and career success. The Christian Women in Business Network offers like-minded entrepreneurs, professional career women and those in Corporate an opportunity to connect and engage for business growth and influence with Kingdom Principles.

    We are kingdom-conscious business leaders and professionals who seek to identify and till fertile soil for learning, nurturing, growth and to support each other to thrive in our chosen businesses and careers.

    Together, we recognise that Godly courage is an essential trade ingredient in the marketplace for meaningful success and impact.

    We prioritise relationships and honour attitudes and practical actions that align honesty with authenticity. We intend to impact and influence personal, business and work spaces with God's ways.

    As we weave our golden-thread of greater goodness we uplift and influence others.
    We transform spaces we occupy.

    2020 Sessions Conference

    A coming together of business and professional women of God to learn, support, network, inspire, empower and grow each other towards flourishing businesses and careers...unleashing potential!
    What to Expect

    Volunteer Time, Talent and Skills

    Every organisation or business exists because of a vision of one. Every organisation becomes an excellent organisation because of a shared vision with committed, brilliant and passionate minds. This Christian Women in Business Network will disrupt the market place only through the meeting of committed brilliant minds like yours.
    “Volunteer Time, Talent and Skills”


    For women yearning to be agents of God, the Kingdom and
    the Light and Salt in business and work spaces. Register For Membership

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